Everything was started from the hand made logg house, witch was built as a cottage for us.

When the cottage was ready 2005, we tried to clean the sea shore. As the mow two times was not enough we started to think about animals whoe will like to eat all the headlong rush.

In the Year 2007 first arrived 10 Highlandcattle heifers and one Hc breeding bull called Valentino.

Valentino the breeding bullLot of grazing

Nice view before sun is setting down

thru the forest

Good feeling to have some snow

picture in wintertimeon the winter road

Ranna Villa village in winter costume.

Ranna Villa in winterRanna Villa street

After wintertime there is time for giving new chances to new life

First stepsdone

new lifeVera and Apollo of Ranna Villa

In 2011 we build 4 logghouses for tourists. You have everything needed inside; kitchen, shower, wc, tv and the use of washing mashine. Additionally sauna will be heated when needed.

2011 we started to produce meat products. We sell highlandcattle beef packed in vacuum and tinned meat.

In 2012 we have farm with 150 heads. Summertime grazing is done in the north and west corners of Saaremaa. In 2012 we are still growing farm

In summer 2012 we build 120 m2 grillhouse for our guests. Welcome to stay in Ranna Villa.

In 2013 we managed to expand our territories, where to graze on do some hein, up to 500ha. At the end of the Year we had 170 Highlandcattle beasts to feed while the winter time.

2014 we consentrate to the better result in grazing the nature park areas with 260 head Highlandcattle cows and bulls. Additionally we struggle to find markets to sell meat and meatproucts staright to customers.

In 2015 we hope to have over 100 new calves to be born. In summertime there will be about 350 heads in summer pastures.
At the end of the previos Year we managed to get the license to produce our own meatproducts in our own facory in Ranna Villa.
In April 2015 we open new farm in Pihtla county, Kangruselja village in Saaremaa.

2016 we made first examples in our own meatproduction facilities and we opened "Black Bull Restaurant" in Pärnu city at Kuninga street 20. There we are specialized in Highlandcattle dishes only. The meat is naturally from Ranna Villa.

2017 we expect about 150 Hc and Ab calvings all together. 50 heifers from 2016 are allready occupied and going to new starting farmers.
We will open Ranna Villa Café at the end of the June 2017.

first steps